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Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ritz, Pretzel Rods and Brenna Bars, oh my!

on 12/18/2010

The girls and I set out to make some yummy treats today.  I made 3 different things with Almond bark and we kind of went back and forth so I hope you all can follow along.

Ok, first is my utmost favorite “cookie” at Christmas.  I started making these a few years ago, I have no idea who or what gave me the idea for this.  If it was you, thank you!  These are so so so simple and so so so nummy.

First gather your ingredients.

This recipe isn’t really a recipe.  I don’t have the exact count of what you need.  I just keep making ritz until the chocolate almond bark is gone.

1 box of Ritz…the snowflake ones work the best.
Peanut Butter
1 block of Chocolate Almond Bark

Take the ritz and make peanut butter sandwiches with them.  Use a good amount of peanut butter, you want the ritz to stick together good.

I line them up on parchment paper.

Then melt your almond bark.  I use a low rectangular rubbermaid.  Melting directions are on almond bark package.  I usually do it about 2 minutes, then stir and put it in for another 30 secs.

Then dip these babies into the melted almond bark.  I use tongs.  Make sure you tap the tongs a few times to knock the excess chocolate off the ritz.

Put them back on the parchment paper after dipping.  Add some sprinkes and let them harden.


We also dipped pretzel rods.  I put some melted almond bark in a tall skinny cup, dipped, sprinkled then layed on the paper to harden.

And finally, the yummy Brenna Bars as we call them.  She makes these every year and they are really simple enough that she can practically do them by herself.

Gather the ingredients.

**Disclaimer**  We only made half a batch.  I will give the instructions for a full batch.

2 1/2 cups Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch
2 1/2 cups Rice Krispies
2 1/2 cups Mini marshmallows
1 Block White Almond Bark
(We also used pink sprinkles, totally optional)

Mix together all the dry cereal and marshmallows.  Melt almond bark, pour over cereal and mix together. 

Spread them out on a greased cookie sheet.  Refrigerate for 1 hr.  Break apart and enjoy!

So there is my Almond Bark marathon of goodness.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ritz, Pretzel Rods and Brenna Bars, oh my!

  1. Hi!

    Our mutual friend Kelsey sent me your site and I wanted to thank you for the ideas. I made my Christmas cookies last night and the pretzel rods were a perfect addition! I tried to make the Ritz ones too, but there were no Ritz snowflakes anywhere! Owell.

    Thanks again!


    • Thanks for stopping by! You can use the regular ritz, they are just a bit more festive with the snowflakes and they also seem to hang on to the tongs better when you are moving them around. :)) But go ahead and try them. They are so so good….I think I will go have one right now. 🙂

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