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I have been bad…

on 05/05/2011

and neglected my blog.

But, I am going to start it back up and take it a different direction for right now.

We are PCSing. To Ramstein. Am I freaked? Yep, just a bit. I have been reading blogs, forums, anything I can find. I love to collect information and go with it. So I thought I would track out big short notice move on this blog in hopes I can help somebody else that is going to go through this.

As of now our RNLTD (Report No Later Than Date) is 20 Aug. School starts 29 Aug so we want to be settled a bit (Ha!) by then.

The girls and I leave June 18th to spend a week in Orlando with my dad, stepmom and lil sister. Then we all fly to Elgin to see my brother, sis in law, niece and brand new baby nephew for 5 days. The girls and I will then leave Florida to head to Minnesota. Drew will join us around the 18th of July. We will visit friends and family and head over to Germany sometime in Aug. So as you can read, we will be busy! AND I officially leave Vandyland the 18th of June. So not much time for me to freak out, just time to get crap done.

Here is what we have done so far.

-Went to housing and picked up the paperwork to get on Ramsteins Housing List. We can’t hand it in till we get orders.
-Heading to get our passports after kids get done with school today. We are hoping this can be done without orders. I guess we will see!
-My sister is going to watch our kitty until we get settled. In the process of getting her shot records from her old vet.
-Called Verizon and found out our Droid’s are not Global Capable. So my new phones I just paid a fortune for we have to get rid of. Verizon will let us cancel our contract since we are moving overseas.

That is about it. I have a few other things in the works but nothing much. In the meantime I am planning our summer vacations, getting ready for my garage sale, deciding what we bring, what we store, and what we sell and just our normal everyday stuff. I am going to try really hard to not stress. Drew told me I was doing a good job so far, not sure if he was kidding or serious on that one.

I might post once a day or 5 times a day or none at all. But this will help keep my thoughts in order. Wait, that probably isn’t possible. ;P


One response to “I have been bad…

  1. Stacey Damiani says:

    You have a lot to consider!! I know on-base housing is nice for the community (having good friends close by)… But in Germany the best thing was living in one if the little villages!!! So don’t rule it out… Housing will have a whole list!

    Ramstein/Kaiserslauten area is so nice.

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