Food, Fun & Fotography

Day 2.

on 05/06/2011

Yeah, I really am not going to label all the days. I just thought I would today. Heh.

So we decided to take our Nissan and have our kitty go with us when we go. Will this change tomorrow? Probably. But for now that is what we are doing.

I called both companies that finance our cars. (Yes, we have two car payments. Always have but hoping to not too in the future) They both said, yes, you can take your cars to Germany! We actually have to call them back once Drew gets orders and 30 days out to actually get the letters. The people that ship cars require these.

Volkswagen said our warranty follows but turns into a German warranty. Interesting. It actually sounds fishy to me, I will probably call and verify that again.

Here are a few tips we have found out.

-There is a cord they sell at the BX at Ramstein that makes your Wii work over there. Yay!
-So, if you are going to plug something in that doesn’t work with their outlets, you use a transformer. These things are HUGE blocks of metal and are not pretty. So you won’t use them often. But I guess they have little fuses that blow all the time. They sell them at the BX but are usually sold out. We are going to stock up on these little suckers before we go.
-If you don’t have a GPS, get one! We have one and we are going to load it with Europe maps. It’s $99 but well worth it for all the traveling we are going to do.

That is what I have so far. On my agenda today-

-Taking paperwork to the school to let them know my kids are leaving.
-Getting our passports. We didn’t get this done yesterday as the site we fill out the paperwork went down.
-Stop by vet to make appt for Ginger (our kitty) to get cleared for travel. Shots, oh no!
-Call a few car shippers to get quotes. I have filled out 3 online quote forms but haven’t had any contact from them. We are shipping the Pathfinder from Minnesota.

That is it for now!


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