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Is it June Yet?

on 05/30/2011

Almost.   June is the month we leave here.  I really can’t believe it!  I have been reading more and more about Germany and I am getting a little more excited.  I think what is stopping me from getting very excited is fear.  I really do not like the unknown.  I am a planner and I can’t plan this the way I like.  Drew said today we can plan all we want but something will probably not go our way but oh well.  I am really really really going to try to not worry.  Really.

I kicked Bren out of her room today!  Moved her in with Morgan for the next 19 days.  Brenna’s room is now where I will sort, pack and plan the move.  I have already packed some things for Florida/Minnesota.  It stinks to have to take so much with us on the first leg of our trip.  Drew is bring up some of the stuff when he drives to Minnesota, like the stuff we need to take to Germany but I still have to get us through that time.  It’s okay, right?  No worrying! (I think I am going to say that to myself a lot!).

We spent the weekend with Drew’s brother and sis in law.  They left today, it was the first of many goodbye’s.  Oh, how I am not looking forward to that part!  I have made great, GREAT, friends here.  In fact, it is the only thing I will miss, the people.  The people have made this place what it is.  Ok, I am not going to get into that right now or I will get sad.  But anyhow, we had a fun relaxing weekend.  Now it’s on!

School ends this week.  Brenna will no longer be a kindergartener.  Wow.  My baby is 6.5 and is growing so fast.  I am so, so proud of that girl.  Morgan will be a 5th grader!  Am I old enough to have a 5th grader?!  I guess I am.  Again, so proud of her.  They both did so well in school this year.  I hope it continues with the move and their new school at Ramstein.  To celebrate the end of the school year we are heading to Solvang on Friday to this cute little craft store.  They are going to take a knitting class.  How fun!

This week we also meet with the clinic to go over our medical stuff.  I believe we have to be cleared medically to go overseas.  We should be good there.  It’s the final thing we need to do to get our orders.  Once we have orders, we can arrange the move, car shipment…all that good stuff.  Drew and I marked the stuff we are not taking and having the military store…our washer and dryer, deep freezer, our 2nd dining table, and a lot of stuff we have in the garage in bins.  Like old yearbooks and stuff.  No need to haul that over to Germany.  So that part is done.

Ok, again, another post about nothing but the ramblings in my head!  )



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