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Healthy, Easy & Good Meals

I’m sure everyone is trying to eat light after the holidays.  Well, I am anyhow.  🙂  I wanted to post a few of the meals I eat.  These are ones I just make for myself, not our family meals.

Yummy Egg Muffin Sandwich

I am so addicted to these right now.  I take a wheat english muffin (sara lee) and toast it.  I then fry 1 egg minus the yolk.  1 piece of 2% cheese (its lower fat than the regular cheese slice) and 2 pieces of precooked bacon.  I pop the muffin in the microwave for 10 minutes with the cheese on it to just to melt it.  I break up the bacon and make the sandwich.  This is only 4 pts if you do Weight Watcher points.

Oatmeal with Agave and Bananas

Another one I am addicted to.  I mean, I actually crave this!  I bought this oatmeal from Costco called Coach’s Choice.  It is so so so good.  It’s healthier also.  I make 1 serving (depending on how hungry I am, I either do a 1/3 cup or a 1/4 cup serving)  I cook it in the microwave then I put it in my bowl, add a cut up banana and 1 tsp of Agave Syrup.  This stuff is the bomb, I got it a store in San Diego.  But you can use anykind of Syrup.  Agave is just better for you.  I then add 1 tsp of Splenda and mixed it all up.  Dang it, it’s yummy.  The larger serving is only 160 calories and the Agave is 30 calories.  This meal totally fills me up too.

Turkey Avacado Wrap

One whole wheat 9″ inch wrap.  I add low sodium Sara Lee turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and avacado.  I will usually eat a 100 calories pack of chips, some grapes or apple slices.

Of course I add in fruit all day for snacks. I eat one of these 3 meals every day.   For dinner, I eat whatever I make for the family.  I just watch my serving size but normally everything I cook is healthy.  The best thing I like about them is I feel really full.  Comment and let me know any of your healthy choices!  

Later I will post my Beef Stew recipe.  I currently have it in the crockpot now.  It’s such a great recipe, it’s really the best stew I have ever eaten.


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